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Privatization is conducted through several methods of sale, some of which are:

Auctions, Direct Negotiations, International Open Tenders etc.

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Some subjects are offered for sale through Stock Exchange (SASE). You can find additional information on Sarajevo Stock Exchange here:

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Federal Agency for Privatization (FPA) was founded in 1997 as a specialized Institution of the Government of FB&H, with a mission of planning, implementation and monitoring of the privatization process within this Entity. Changes in legal regulations (Law on privatization of enterprises and Law on opening balance sheet of companies and banks) that followed in the second half of 2006, provided possibility to re-design a privatization process through organizational restructuring of companies, as well as capital sale through Stock-market. With the beginning of 2012, FPA has undergone significant changes of company's business orientation, structural, institutional and many other improvements, now aiming towards Investors directly - through carefully planned marketing strategies.

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For more detailed insight into B&H investment oportunities, policies, FAQ, facts and figures please visit our partners website: (official governmental institution for promoting foreign direct investment FDI).

Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a State Agency established with the mission to:

  • Attract and maximize the flow of foreign direct investment into Bosnia and Herzegovina, and encourage existing foreign investors to further expand and develop their businesses in BiH.
  • Facilitate the interaction between public and private sectors, and have an active role in policy advocacy in order to contribute to continually improving environment for business investment and economic development.
  • Promote a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country that is attractive to foreign investors.

Privatization in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an overall process, which provides an array of the possibility to both local and foreign physical and legal entities to participate in the purchase of the state capital, including enterprises, banks and apartments with existing tenancy rights.

The “strategic enterprises” were selected for tender privatization, offering numerous privatization opportunities to remain throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The privatization process of state-owned companies is well underway. An estimated 60% of small companies and more than 30% of the large ones are now privately owned or publicly traded. Bosnia and Herzegovina is accelerating the privatization process for companies of strategic importance in order to increase economic growth and enhance the volume of foreign investment.

Nevertheless, a number of these “strategic enterprises”, which includes large enterprises, telecommunications and power utilities sectors, public utilities, mines, etc, are not still privatized, presenting a choice of opportunities for potential foreign and local investors.

Privatization is managed by the FB&H Privatization Agency and cantonal privatization agencies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Srpska Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS).

Constitutionally, the Entities are responsible for structural reform, though, for instance, state level law deals with non-discrimination and transparency of the privatization process throughout the country, and in the FBiH significant implementing authority is at the cantonal level in the privatization of enterprises.

Agency for Privatization in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FPA) is specialized organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina performing professional, advisory, promotional, educational and other business activities relating to the privatization process.


The Republic of Srpska Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS) is authorized to sell state capital in and restructure enterprises with majority state capital which is subject to privatization.


How to invest